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Every Student’s New Years’ Resolutions

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A new year has rolled around and it’s time to make some of those resolutions you just know you’ll never keep but kind of fancy giving a go anyway. Besides, thinking about how you’ll implement all these plans takes some time… time we otherwise would be wasting by revising…

1. Bye bye Dominoes!

Every student countrywide has probably pledged allegiance with the greens now that Christmas is just a fond memory. Fridges stocked full with kale, spinach and new juicers/blenders bought for the healthiest January yet.

2. Ring home more

Is it just me or is it nearly impossible to remember to stay in contact with home as much as you’d like?! It’s honestly not a case of not missing my nearest and dearest, it’s just that my daily schedule seems to clash somewhat with theirs . “You free for a phonecall mum? Yes I know it’s 2am…”. Oops.

3. Don’t miss uni

Every student is guilty of the odd lie in and missing 9am lectures and now we’re trying to revise we’re strongly regretting our decisions. As of next term we’ll go to everything and make extensive notes, promise!

4. Join a society

There are so many societies available at uni and as eager freshers we signed up to them all and have been receiving their emails ever since. So let’s make 2015 the year of actually getting up and going to the various events these societies host!

5. Exercise

Even if it’s walking into uni instead of taking the Metro, we know we ought to shift those pesky pigs in blankets that have settled on our waistline. Who knows, maybe we’ll even make use of the gym membership we bought at the start of term!

6. Budget

Hey, maybe 2015 is also the year we don’t get too comfortable in our overdraft; settle for one less night out a week and swap meals out to cooking at home and you’ll notice a difference in no time!

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