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Everything You Need To Know About The Lunar New Year

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The Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival (春节 chūnjié /chwnn-jyeah/) is associated with the Chinese Zodiac Sign. This year it is the year of the Dog in Chinese Astrology.

Specifically, 2018 is an Earth Dog Year as there are elements associated with each Zodiac as they are believed to be determinants of individual’s characteristics – This zodiac being; communicative, serious and responsible in work.

2018-year-of-the-dog-chinese-zodiac-22018– ” Year of the Dog

Why not celebrate the by cuddling some real dogs at the Dog and Scone Cafe? It is their year, after all!

Did you know?

The date for this celebration changes every year and is determined by the first day of the Lunar Calendar.

img_2240Entrance of Stowell Street Newcastle-China Town


Why not get involved in the Anglo Chinese Society to enter the diversity of the Asian scene in Newcastle and fully appreciate this time of year?

Or, it’s never too late to join the Chinese Students and Scholars Society. Their cultural events include; Five Universities Chinese New Year Gala, Dragon Boat Festival and Chinese National Day Celebration. Sign up here!

Chinese New Year traditions include preparing Chinese Knots (pre-New Year) to decorate homes, or to be later used as gifts of  blessings. You can view these decorations all year round in Newcastle’s China Town in the city centre.eight_chinese_knots

Traditional Chinese Knots


China Town-Stowell Street Newcastle

Eating dumplings is one of the most anticipated traditions during the festival. Dumplings (jiaozi) are made with flour and filled with either meat, custard or vegetables. These are traditionally eaten on the Eve of New Years. The dumpling shape resembles the Yuanbao, which is a type of money that was used in historical times and is said to attract prosperity.

Tight financial student life? You can still eat amazing and affordable 5* dumplings (to attract wealth for the coming year!) at Bei Dumpling & Tea Bar in Newcastle’s Grainger Market.

Make sure to try the best recommendations for Asian foods in Newcastle!


Chinese New Year Dumplings

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