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My Experience Of Being A Fresher (In Second Year!)

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It’s understandable that the jump from school to university can be very daunting for many. But, personally, I found it much more terrifying when I transferred universities than I had done starting in first year at my previous university.

This was due to the fact I’m quite a shy, self-conscious person, which therefore meant that I immediately presumed I would be ‘left out’ and easily dismissible to people who had already been here a year and built up friendships. Everyone gave me the advice to just talk to anyone I sat next to, which sounds obvious but I still had to find the confidence to do that! A few weeks into attending Newcastle University I can’t tell you enough how chatty and welcoming people have been. Even though the first week was tremendously scary, I’m now completely relaxed in the environment and the fact I know I’ll see familiar faces everyday makes me enjoy this university so much more than my previous one.

Lectures can be pretty difficult to talk to new people in due to the fact it’s a non-participation way of teaching, but I can’t stress enough how much it’ll pay off if you have the confidence to sit next to someone you don’t know and start a conversation. You never know, they might become one of your closest friends at university! But, I found that seminars are the most handy ways of getting to know people on your course. You will most likely be ‘put’ with different people every seminar- and this has helped me to chat with people I may have never talked to in lectures.

You just have to remember that most people going to university will be worried about getting along with the people they’ll be spending the next three years with. But, university is a very different experience from school- and what I mean with that is that the ‘cliques’ and pettiness are almost non-existent.

University is something which will change your life for the better, and I’m loving my experience at Newcastle University so far!

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