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Fab Ideas For A Productive Revision Break!

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It’s exam and deadline season, so I thought I’d write a “topical” blog this time! Here are some of my tried-and-tested revision break strategies:

1. Exercise

Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, I know, but beneficial effects of exercise that help with revision are undoubted. So go for a jog, get those endorphins going, and feel so much more energised for revision afterwards. Take out all your frustration on the punch bag down at the gym. Or why not try Pilates and stretch out those muscles which have been hunched over a computer too long?

2. YouTube Binge

Social media sites, YouTube, news sites and Netflix, are all the enemy of productive work in this day and age. It’s probably unavoidable going on them whilst revising, so you may as well do it in a productive way. For example, have 50 minutes solid revision and then 10 minutes watching as many stupid YouTube videos as possible. It’s better than having Facebook always open, just waiting for a notification to distract your attention.

3. Coffee Break

If you’re one of those people who need a constant supply of caffeine in their system in order to properly function, make sure you carefully schedule how you’re going to get that caffeine. If you’re more of a tea-drinker, Quilliam Brothers’ Tea House is perfectly situated near the Robinson Library. Perfect for a getaway tea-refuel with friends in the middle of exam season. It also stays open late: perfect for all-nighters!

4. Bake/Clean

During my years of procrastination observation, I’ve noticed that people tend to be either procrasto-bakers or procrasto-cleaners. So, depending on which one you are, turn your revision breaks into baking/cleaning sessions. Gotcha.

5. Have a Big Break

Take a day or a weekend off. Go to a party. Go shopping. Have a movie night with your flat.

It doesn’t matter how you have a break or how long it lasts, just as long as you have a break!

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