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My first year at university

A Picture of Yashna

Looking back at my first year of university, the first thing that strikes me is how quickly time has flown by. I’m now on my summer break and I can’t believe that I’ve already made it through a whole academic year.

This year has not only been one of the most difficult ones in my life but also, the most enriching. Yes it has been full of ups and downs but it has been hugely gratifying.

Moving In

Moving in was probably the hardest period of the whole year. Leaving the nest, meeting new people in a completely different environment, adjusting to living by yourself and learning to navigate through the campus: everything comes at once.

However, once I started to get to know my two flat mates, everything became automatically easier as I no longer felt so alone. We were all going through the same thing and that helped us to bond.

Looking back now, I find it hard to imagine surviving the first few days without them. My advice to you would be to get overwhelmed by all of these changes and strong emotions you will experience because every other student is in the same boat!

I found that chatting to second and third years for support and advice can also help.

Leazes Parade- where I spent my first year

Leazes Parade- where I spent my first year

The Course

I chose to do Business Accounting and Finance and I couldn’t have been happier about my choice. When I started the lectures, the few doubts I had in my head concerning my choice quickly disappeared.

While the lectures were for the most part engaging, they were not overly hard and the level of difficulty was not that different from A levels. So no major shock to the system here. First year modules mainly concentrated on giving us an overview about the different aspects of the business world and helped us to appreciate how it worked.

If you are convinced that accounting is indeed the field for you, then this course is perfect for you!

Social life

The University also offers many opportunities to meet new people and have a good time. I can still vividly remember my BAF (Business Accounting and Finance) ball where we had a blast.

The legendary BAF ball

The legendary BAF ball

We got the chance to get to know each other a bit better, all while wearing spectacular dresses and tuxedos of course! The various clubs and societies were also invaluable for getting to know other people outside of my course.

However my advice to you would be to not join too many clubs or societies, this is exactly what I did and it was hard to juggle between academic commitments and attending club meetings and socials.

Overall review

Being an international student and moving miles away from your hometown to meet completely different people, who speak a completely different language was daunting at first!

However,  I quickly adjusted to my new environment due to the various facilities offered by the University and the fact that every fresher was going through the same thing as me. So if I can do it, you guys can 100% do it!

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