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How to Keep Fit at Uni

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We all know that as soon as you get away from home cooked meals and the confines of your mum’s weekly food shop, there’s the temptation to over-indulge in the finer things in life.

Whether you’re having ready meal after ready meal, or going totally the other way and simply barely eating at all, it’s easy to let your health and fitness fall by the wayside and either pile on the pounds, or shed them like nobody’s business!

But it doesn’t have to be that way… here’s a few tips for keeping your body in tip top condition whilst at university (and get you well on your way to that summer body!)



Obvious one I know but so many students skip this step! Newcastle University has a fantastic sports centre with a huuuge gym which you can get a membership for, and also runs various fitness classes whether you’re interested in finding out what ‘power pilates’ is, or if you just want some good old fashioned zumba.

At home

Can’t afford a gym membership? Get yourself onto youtube where you’ll find thousands of work out videos. Make some space on the floor in your room (or living room with your housemates!) and go for it!

Around Newcastle

Whether you’re a runner, a cyclist or just a walker, there are so many places to go around Newcastle – make it a sightseeing trip and head on down to the Quayside, to Grey’s Monument, or for a breath of fresh air head over to the Town Moor.


Healthy eating

I cannot stress this one enough!! Obviously it’s so much more fun to indulge yourself and always say yes to takeaways with your mates but try trade at least some of those for cooking healthier alternatives altogether – even just a good hearty meal like shepherd’s pie is cheap and easy to make, and 10 times healthier than takeaway pizza!

Fruit & Veg

Obvious one, but try to get in as many of these as possible and you’ll find yourself noticeably less frequently ill than your friends – we need the vitamins!

I swap bags of crisps for a handful of grapes, put a banana in my morning porridge/cereal and try put some greens with my dinner. It’s not the absolute best but better than nothing.. baby steps!

Pack lunches

It’s so tempting to just grab some lunch in town if you’re in uni all day but that can mount up to an empty pocket and gaining a few pounds! Instead fix yourself up some wraps, pasta or salad to take with you

Portion control

This was where I went wrong when I first started at uni – suddenly not having my mum plating up my meals meant I had no idea what size portion size I needed, so ended up overeating… Recently I’ve started using smaller plates to control my portion sizes and therefore feel happier and healthier

Drink water!

Make sure you don’t dehydrate yourself as this can lead to all sorts of problems such as lack of energy, headaches, stomach ulcers, constipation and weight gain.

Just keep a bottle of water by you and try to keep sipping it throughout the day

Last but not least…

Enjoy everything in moderation. Don’t starve yourself,  let yourself have treats, don’t go out drinking too many times a week, exercise sensibly and enjoy yourself!

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