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Five tips for living communally

Living with friends can be one of the biggest new experiences you’ll have at uni. Yes, it can be daunting, and yes, there might be a few minor teething problems. But once you’re settled, you’ll soon realise that it’s also one of the best opportunities to have as much fun as possible. Just follow these simple tips for a stress free start.

1. Create a chore rota

It can sometimes be a struggle to persuade your housemates that minor housekeeping tasks are important. To stop the inevitable mountain of rubbish building up where the bin used to be, or the sink getting overtaken with dirty plates, sit down with your flatmates early on to discuss a rota that everybody’s happy with.

2. No nasty notes

Passive aggressive notes (if the rota fails to work out) are not always the best way forward. The most likely result is that you’ll receive a few more in response. Put down the post it note!

3. Avoid complicated cooking

Don’t be overambitious with your group cooking ideas. Your flatmates will be just as happy with an edible frozen pizza you’ve put in the oven as with a ‘special family recipe’ that you’ve never attempted to recreate before.

4. Sleep in peace

At university everyone gets to do their own thing. Naturally this means that people will be coming and going at all different times during the day and night. Invest in some ear plugs to for uninterrupted sleep.

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5. Keep it simple

Be prepared to live without the same level of home comforts that you’re used to. And save yourself a huge guilt trip by avoiding the temptation to buy a plant and then being burdened with the responsibility of keep it alive for a whole term.

Follow the tips above and hopefully you’ll find communal living no problem!

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