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Five ways to make Halls ‘Home’

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You’ve done it… passed your A levels, secured a place at university, and now it’s time to move into halls. Moving into halls is by far the best possible thing every student in a new city can do. However, I remember parking up beside my ‘new home’, feeling both excited yet full of nerves. You open the door to your new room and you’re presented with an empty, bare, poor excuse of a ‘bedroom’; sure to dishearten even the most confident fresher. Fear not however, this is the perfect opportunity to make it your own. Time to put on those DIY thinking caps, and most importantly, enjoy decorating your room!

Here are my top tips for creating a home away from home:


The first thing I noticed about my new bedroom was the harsh, florescent lighting. For some reason, surgical lighting is common in most university rooms. Don’t worry, not a problem. An obvious choice is fairy lights or, if you can, bring an old bedside lamp from home!


These can instantly add personality to your room. WARNING: do not, under any circumstance, stick them up with sellotape. I learned this the hard way, even after the strict warning from my Dad. Come the end of the year and I ripped half the paint off my wall. Oops. Luckily I wasn’t charged for this mistake, but don’t risk it yourself!

Familiar comforts:

Any preparation prior to moving in day will ensure that you can settle in as quickly as possible. Bring with you some home comforts, anything from photos, to souvenirs, to films, to (dare I say it) cuddly toys!

Bed Linen:

Your bed is the focal point of your new room. Throw on your favourite duvet cover, add some cushions and maybe even splash out on a throw! I brought a quilt with me that I got for my 18th birthday – it was a mission hauling it to university, but it really does make me feel closer to home.

Keep it clean:

Because you have such a small room, it would be wasteful for it to be disgustingly messy. Although it can be a chore to pick up, clean and tidy after yourself, you really won’t enjoy spending time in a messy room. It’s important to keep your room clean as you want it to be a space for studying, sleeping and of course, socialising!

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