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Food and Human Nutrition FAQs

Are you passionate about the food we eat? Do you want to explore the link between human diet and health? Maybe you want a career in product development or food marketing? Perhaps you’re considering Newcastle but you’re not quite sure whether it is right for you yet?

Then read on, because we’ve got the answers here to the questions we get asked most about food and nutrition at Newcastle University.

What will I actually study?

You’ll investigate the whole spectrum of the subject. You’ll learn about the food supply chain from farm gates to consumers’ plates. You’ll develop scientific knowledge from single cells to whole populations. And you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get hands on with food.

How is the course taught?

We use a mix of lectures, seminars, lab sessions, practical workshops and site visits. This equips you with a well balanced mix of academic knowledge, professional skills and industry insight. We have details of the modules currently on offer and how they are taught.

What careers can it lead to?

Many of our graduates go on to become registered nutritionalists, whilst others work in product development, quality assurance, marketing, food journalism and more.

The skills you learn are highly relevant for the food sector but also readily transferable to any graduate career.

Why is professional accreditation so important?

Studying a professionally accredited degree fast tracks your progress to qualification as a registered nutritionalist. When you graduate, you’ll be able to apply to the UK Voluntary Register of Nutrionalists and use ARNut after your name.

It means employers will recognise the quality of your degree because we meet the high standards expected by the industry.

Can I take a work placement?

Yes. All of our students have the opportunity to spend a year on work placement – for UK and EU students this can be anywhere in the world!

We’ll help you look for a suitable placement and apply; we’ll even train you in interview skills. It is a great opportunity to develop industry-ready professional skills.

Do you have links with any big companies?

We sure do! And that means you have great opportunities for work experience. We’ve got links to companies such as Tesco, Mondelez, Marks and Spencer, and Masterfoods.

Is it friendly here?

We’re a very friendly university and city. You’ll have lots of opportunities to make friends and joins clubs and societies that interest you. We give you lots of support to settle in and you’ll have a personal tutor that you can talk to if you have any problems.

If you think this sounds like you – developing foodie expertise that can be applied in a range of in-demand careers – then check out our detailed degree information online.

Still got questions? Get in touch with the big pink button below or send us a private message on Facebook.

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