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Freshers’ Coping Guide

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Suddenly, you’re all grown up and off you go to University. Building new roots that will probably be the most memorable years of your life. Then, it hits you without any warning and you start panicking – how am I going to cope away from everything I was used to?

Post panic-attack, these have been my coping mechanisms:

  • Home away from home

Student accommodation ≠ prison cell-like room. Yes, it is temporary and a far cry from home but that does not mean you can’t personalise it to make it feel like one. Making the tiniest tweaks and personal touches to your new accommodation will make a cosy and homely space to come home to everyday. Pictures, posters, flowers? Simplicity goes a long way here.

  • Find something you enjoy

Utilise the fact that you have a whole new reason to begin to try new things! Jumping out of THAT comfort zone is key here. Love writing? Write for The Courier and learn about the whole new world of newspaper journalism (BONUS). Always wanted to pick up on a sport but never got around to? Pick and join one of the many sport societies – it’s never too late! Gaining new experiences will never get old.

  • Work Experience

Responsibilities become part of being an adult and that usually begins with a job. What better way to build up your CV, broaden your horizons and earn some money all while getting a degree? Lucky for us, the university provides ample opportunities with the Newcastle University Careers Service.

  • Open up

two female students on campus

Best part about being in an international University? You get to meet people from all over the world – sometimes, places you’ve never even heard off. Talk to people and learn varied cultures and lifestyles that you probably would never get off books or the net. Meeting new people who are going through the same phase makes it all so much easier.

 Change is not always as daunting as it seems!

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