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5 Key Locations for Geography Freshers

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In your first week at Newcastle University you will no doubt have lectures and activities all over campus, but there are 5 key locations for us Geographers.

Try to find them during Freshers’ Week so you’re not in a panic when lectures start. And you’ll be able to stay in bed that bit longer if you know exactly where to go!

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1. Daysh Building

Named after an influential past Head of Department, Professor Henry Daysh, this building is home to all things Geography. Your tutors are likely to have their offices here and it’ll be home to several lecture theatres that you have on a regular basis too. There is information about course reps if you have any suggestions about how studying Geography can be improved. The Daysh has a computer cluster which is great when the library cluster is busy!

Daysh Building

2. The Library

More commonly known as ‘The Robbo’. This is home to all the books you’ll need and has plenty of study spaces for either individual or group work. There is also a cafe so you’ll never have to work on an empty stomach!

Students in the library

3. Claremont Tower

Located next to the Daysh Building is Claremont Tower. This is where you will find the GPS (Geography, Politics and Sociology) Office. It’s on the 5th floor so I’d recommend the lift, unless you fancy a workout! The GPS Office is very important as it is where you’ll be handing in those all essays! You’re likely to have some lectures here too but don’t worry – they’re not all on the 5th floor…

4. GPS Common Room

This is an important room in Claremont Bridge which is often forgotten about. You’ll be able to find assessment cover sheets here which you need to hand in your essays.

5. The Students’ Union (SU)

The SU is a constant hub of activity and it’s open 24/7 for all you night owls! The SU is home to Santander, Dominoes, Mens Bar and Starbucks to name a few! On the top floor is a study space which is great to pop to between lectures. You’ll be able to find out about the Geography Society here too!

Newcastle University campus

Download the Newcastle Uni App for a interactive campus map to help you!

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