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Geordie Highlights

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Newcastle is in my humble (and not at all biased!) opinion a great city to say the least. It doesn’t just have loads of great tourist attractions, it’s also a goldmine of weird and wonderful places. Here are some interesting ideas of what to do in and around Newcastle.

Drink as many different types of tea as possible at Quilliam Brothers’

The Quilliam Brothers’ tea house is conveniently situated next to uni and is open long into the night, providing the perfect tea-oasis for when you’re agonising over exams, deadlines or just a bit stressed with uni work in general. With many different varieties on the menu, you can aim to drink through every type of tea there before you graduate.

Quilliam Brothers Tea House

Quilliam Brothers Tea House

Sunbathing in Jesmond Dene

If the sun ever happens to come out during your time in Newcastle, take your sunglasses and your housemates down to Jesmond Dene, a little oasis of greenery in the middle of the city. There’s also a little area with animals for the inner child among us!

This photo of Jesmond Dene Park is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Swimming in the sea at Tynemouth Beach

This is the North Sea, so regardless of how nice the weather is, it’s going to be cold. If you ever happen to be down at the Costa del Tynemouth, don’t forget to take a dip. People won’t judge you. They will be in awe. If it’s raining/in the dark/ in the middle of Winter, all the more so!



Visit Durham

Durham is only a short train journey from Newcastle and it makes a lovely day trip. Not just with a beautiful cathedral, it’s also a really cute little town to walk around. You simply cannot go through your time as a student here in Newcastle without a visit!

Durham Cathedral

Image by Glen Bowman (Link via Flickr:

So there you have it: a few “Geordie highlights”, if you like. I’m always discovering new places and experiences here in Newcastle, so you’re bound to too!

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