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How not to get involved in your first year

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Being a final year student I have had to sit through countless “how to succeed in real life”, “what to do when you’re not a student”, “how to make it in the real world” lectures and the take away messages from them all have been the same. You need to have more on your CV than your 2:1 in Business Studies.

Extremely informative (absolutely terrifying) lecture

When I started university I was advised to join everything, all clubs and societies that remotely took my interest. So I went along to the activities fair and wrote my name and email on every single stall I passed, which just ended up with me being inundated with emails from the yoga or the pole dancing society.

I don’t disagree with this advice. I myself have since advised people starting university to do exactly same thing, however I have followed up this advice with something else. Actually give them a go!

I have a number of friends who are members of different societies and clubs that I signed up to in first year. Like me they put their names on the various lists. Unlike me, they actually went to the taster sessions and subsequently joined the club.

In my first year I did very little. I went to trampolining twice a week, but that was an interest I had years before going to university. I kept busy with that including going to all of the competitions all over the country. Other than that I have very little to show for my first year at university.


At Newcastle university’s first ever trampolining competition

That isn’t to say I didn’t benefit from being so dedicated to trampolining, for second year I was elected into the much coveted role of trampolining social secretary for the year. Giving me the huge responsibility of helping to organise Newcastle’s very own competition.

Newcastle University has a huge number of opportunities on offer. Make sure you find them early enough to benefit from them!

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