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How to get into student media: part I

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The glamorous world of journalism: exclusive interviews, flashing cameras and the thrill of getting published. But how to get there and where to start?

Whether you aspire to be a professional reporter or just enjoy scribbling in your spare time, university is the best place to begin your career. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in student media. And you don’t have to carry around your CV – in fact, you don’t need it at all.

Newcastle University has thriving media platforms, which always welcome new contributors: The Courier, Newcastle Student Radio (NSR) and Newcastle University Television (NUTV).


The Courier, the Guardian award-winning newspaper, has been published for more than sixty years. It covers everything on campus, from student politics to beauty trends. The paper is run by the editor l44and managed by 40 hand-picked sub-editors, full-time students caring about journalism. Each week they prepare story ideas and hand them out at the meetings – all you need to do is pick a story.

I’ve been involved with The Courier for about two years, and it’s been an absolute pleasure. I never thought I could end up being one of the news editors, yet here I am. The paper has given me priceless experience in writing, sub-editing and news hunting.

I’ve always been attracted to the news section – it’s fun to break news and craft stories that matter. But you might be after something else: film, fashion, art or science. And The Courier has it for you.

I used to grab the leftover articles shared on our Facebook group, being too shy to attend the writers’ meetings. Now I know it doesn’t really matter whether you have the guts to turn up as long as you’re willing to write. Student media is all about enthusiasm and natural curiosity (nosiness). But I can promise the meetings are never intimidating.

Another option is to message any sub-editor and ask what to do and where to go. And you’ll be helped and guided. Stop worrying — just get started!

Once you’re a part of The Courier, you belong to a big family that shares your interests. Student media is as much about getting experience as it’s about meeting new fascinating people.

The Courier: Christmas celebration.

The Courier: Christmas celebration. December 2016.

To be continued…


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