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In my previous posts, I told you how getting involved in a student newspaper or television station can help you land a job in the creative industry. Now it’s time to talk about student radio and how it can help kickstart your radio career.

The radio industry is now as demanding as ever. That means, however talented you are, you cannot simply walk into a studio and begin presenting – you need a broad range of skills. Many of today’s presenters got to grips with their roles by starting a glittering career with student radio, such as Rich Clarke (Capital FM), Adam Utyman (BBC Radio 2) or Matt Fisher (Radio 1). Why? Because it is a unique place to get an experience in every area of broadcasting and get a taste of what working in a studio is like.

Megan Smith is interviewing April Keen. Image: NSR.


Newcastle Student Radio (NSR) is the voice of Newcastle University, broadcasting online 24 hours a day. It is an award-winning station that provides work experience in various fields – you can become an on-air personality or a marketer. You’ll learn how to spin verbal magic, generate show ideas or use software. You’ll get to interview and review bands and artists in Newcastle, with free tickets provided!

Louise Barnard, a third-year media student who helps the music team, told me:

“I think what is remarkable about NSR is the bands they actually offer interviews for. I have managed to speak to some of my favourite bands, and this is all on the back of being part of the music team.

“The experience also boosts my CV – the role requires communication with external companies, and now I can speak pretty well under pressure.”

NSR welcomes everyone from “aspiring journalists”to “music lovers” and “technical geeks”. To join the team simply head to the NSR website and choose the roles you’re interested in. If you have any questions, you can always get in touch with the team on Facebook.

NSR studio. Image: NSR

NSR studio. Image: NSR

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