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Getting involved outside uni

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Uni life can be hectic, busy and, most of the time, purely nerve-wrecking. However, through the messy times, plenty of fun can arise as well. Especially with the various ways that one can be involved in extra-curricular activities; being a student becomes more than just selling your soul to The Robbo. Whether you just want to tune out and create a film that you’ve always wanted to, or feel like making a difference in someone else’s life – there are many steps you can take while at uni to do one or all of the tasks that’s always sat on the back of your head but never come to life.

Get involved in societies

Sports and socities fair in the Sports Centre for Freshers 2014

The best platform to meet like-minded people who share the love for your past time and interests as much as you – or maybe even more! With the vast list of societies available, you will be spoiled for choice and might end up joining one too many even. But just in case there isn’t a society of your liking, go ahead and create one yourself!


Lending a helping hand to communities and people that need one will never go out of style, plus it’s always good to know the change we can make in someone’s life, however big or small. Through the uni’s Go Volunteer programme, you can just do that. If there’s a specific cause you’re passionate about, check out if they are looking for volunteers or take the lead and write in to them with your interest – they might just need that extra set of hands!

Work experience and part-time jobs

Graduate Recruitment Fair June 2016

Of course besides the obvious of making extra money, a job while at uni can help in so many other ways as well. Making new contacts that may come in handy for the future, gaining much needed work experience in the competitive world out there, and the best part of not having any obligations while trying to find out if the job is right for you.

So there is just some of the different ways you can involved outside of uni, but there is plenty more events and activities to get involved with. From a variety of events in the city to getting involved with sports clubs. You’re sure to find something here in Newcastle.


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