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Getting the Newcastle Work Experience

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Starting out as a Masters student in a university abroad, isn’t without its pressure. Especially since I realised how most of my classmates had worked for a couple of years at least before, while all I had was internships. The importance of adding work experience  to my CV was something I could see, and something I needed to do. So through the University’s Careers Service , I applied for a couple of Newcastle Work Experience opportunities, which were 100 hour placements, for a student to work while studying. It seemed like the perfect chance, and it was.

I did get rejected (hate that word) but I also got an interview call, from i3 Profiling. Excitement mixed with nerves, I took the bus for my interview at their offices. By meeting my interviewers, Susanne and Grant from i3, I felt in my comfort zone, and was able to hide my nerves better. Luckily they liked me enough to accept me into their team.

I honestly feel like it’s such a good experience for any student to get some practical knowledge to complement the theoretical knowledge from the classroom. It develops a sense of confidence, that I would say is the most important thing to take out of a work experience opportunity like this!

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Taken at CIPD North East Event

So definitely give it a go!

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