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Getting Used To Uni Life

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If you’ve only been a uni student for a few months, I know your struggles. Getting up late for lectures, sitting quietly at a seminar wishing your seminar leader wouldn’t pick on you and revising frantically for a mock exam.

That’s why I’ve put together a guide for you to ease into student life here at our beloved Newcastle University.

1. Don’t leave it until last minute

Although the urge to have that extra night out at Flares is pretty high, try not to fall into the trap of leaving work until the last minute.

2. Take advantage of BlackBoard and RECAP

It’s there for a reason (but no, it’s NOT an excuse to miss the lecture itself).

3. Reading for seminars… DO IT!

There is nothing worse than turning up to find that you are the only one who hasn’t done the reading or answered the preparation questions for a seminar. Make the most of the time in a smaller group and be sure to prepare any additional questions you may have.

4. Lectures – make notes but also listen

You’ll soon discover that it’s rather difficult to copy word for word everything from the PowerPoint. Try to print off slides before the lecture so that you can annotate instead.

5. Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions

Lecture theatres may be daunting, but there is nothing wrong with asking questions and having input during a lecture. If you think of a question, it’s highly likely you’re not the only one who wants to know the answer!

6. Read the hand-in instructions

When handing in work, read the instructions carefully. Don’t forget your header sheet, NESS receipt and whatever else you need (and the assignment itself)! This also applies to date and time of hand in. You really don’t want to have the panic of realising that work is due 4pm at 3.55pm on the same day.

7. Take advantage of university facilities

This includes: library search, subject support (including how to reference) and research being undertaken by your department.

8. It’s ok to have a social life too!

Yes, you are here to learn and get a degree, but you still need to enjoy university life. Getting involved with societies is a great way of taking a break from essays and other assignments!

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