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A Guide to House Sharing in Second Year

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From paying your own bills, hoovering and *wait for it* taking out your own bins *gasps*, moving into a new house in your second year is going to be a big change from your first year in halls. Everything has a cost. TV, wifi, water, gas you name it, you have to pay for it.

But at the same time now you are the kings and queens of your lovely new flat! However this does come with some responsibility. But don’t fret. I’m going to share with you a few things me and my flatmates do to make  sure everything runs smoothly.


Setting up a joint bank account in which you all have standing orders going in monthly to pay for bills will save you a lot of headache. I’ve heard many stories from people who were made responsible for collecting every body’s money monthly, and this never works. Setting up a joint account avoids arguments and makes sure everybody is equally responsible.


Make checking your meter readings a habit. This will give you an idea of how much energy you’re using, so when bills come through you won’t be shocked by how much you’re being charged. Doing this also makes you conscious to be greener.


Just take it out. Please. As soon as you need to leave the lid open in order to fit more rubbish in, or the kitchen begins to smell like a corpse, that is a clear sign my friends that action needs to be taken. You’re likely to have 2 bins, a recycling and normal bin. Marking on the calendar on the fridge which day which bin needs putting outside will also save your life. This way you won’t be sneaking to put rubbish in your neighbours’ bin at 2am in the morning.


When it comes to essentials like potatoes, onions and pasta just buy in bulk. It’ll save you a ton of money for example getting a huge 5kg bags of pasta works out much cheaper than you all buying a small 500g bag every fortnight. In my kitchen we have a “communal cupboard” where we keep our big bags of food which we all share and we all take turns to buy these things.


Lastly don’t forget that you now have to clean too. So don’t forget to bring along bleach, hand washes, kitchen cleaners etc ready for use as soon as you move in. Again just rotate who buys these.

A final tip I will share with you guys is to come up to uni at least a week before classes start again in September. This will allow you time to set up a wifi provider, TV if you want one and a bank account.

Until next time.

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