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Handy Hints to Beat Post-New Year Blues

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Christmas has gone.  New Year has happened. All that motivation you had for your new year’s resolutions has faded away and you’ve already broken half of them. It’s cold outside.  You’ve spent half of January trying to fight out all the illnesses everyone is happy to spread around University. You have exams. You have essays. All your money went on Christmas presents. Life generally sucks.

Never fear, I have come up with a few handy hints which will help you banish away these doubts and get 2015 off to a positive and productive start!

Drink too much coffee (or tea, whatever floats your boat really…)

Use the cold to your advantage and see it as an opportunity to take shelter from the cold in the multiple cafes that Newcastle offers. I would personally recommend Café de la Vie  just off Northumberland Street if you want a welcoming atmosphere and want to stray away from the more usual places such as Costa, Starbucks etc

Try new things

So by this time the catchphrase “new year, new me#2k15” is starting to wear a bit thin, but the message is still poignant. January and February may be a little bit miserable, but now is the time to try something new. You could try the Give it a Go scheme with University, join a new society or do something as basic as starting a new book. Use all those stereotypical phrases which are being showered over social media to kickstart a new activity, so you can feel the impact of the new year!

Make plans

For me, January has always been a time to get excited for the year to come. I love to travel so I spend a lot of January going through travel brochures and different programmes and thinking of ways I can make all my travel ambitions happen. Whenever I’m struggling with January blues, I often find myself online seeking inspiration and this process always makes me feel better. What are you passionate about and how are you going to make it happen in 2015? Now is the time to start planning your adventures and when you see it that way, January becomes far more fun.

Maybe you could fight away the blues by planning some excursions around Newcastle? The New Year could present the perfect opportunity to get to know your University City better?

I hope these handy hints helps you beat away those blues!

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