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Holidays: The long distance way

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“Time & tide waits for no man” cannot be any more true having the much awaited Christmas break start and end so swiftly, together with rolling in 2015! Most of us had returned home for the first time since coming to Newcastle University and there are the rest of us who stayed because travelling home for 4 weeks did not seem like the smartest move, financially. So, what do you do during the merriest time of the year with most of your friends not being around?


Chances are that if you are reading this, home is probably outside the UK and maybe even the EU. Explore the glorious countries and cities all around us with plenty of budgeted options, if planned early! Being from Asia, travelling Europe for less than £500 is a dream come true for me. University holidays should strictly be used to travel cheaply anywhere and everywhere! After all, travelling does enrich the soul.

  • Christmas in Newcastle 2014 Event

What better way to meet new friends and celebrate the joyous occasion than with a completely incredible itinerary? Newcastle University made sure that everyone had a great holiday even without being home. Events varied from sports matches, Christmas lunch to a New Year’s countdown at Alnwick Garden.

  • Market-Hopping

Christmas Markets have a magical feel to them – the music, food and sparking lights, what’s not to love? You can embrace the spectacular ambiance without even breaking the bank! Durham, York, Leeds and Edinburgh are also within easy reach of Newcastle offering a wide array of surprises.

  • Family Time

The most used application among students, after every other social media comes Skype or FaceTime. The holidays away from family may not be the easiest period, where an abundance of homesickness kicks in. Technology’s advancements have made everything a lot less hard (and cheap!) – so get chatting with your family and “celebrate” online together!


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