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Ultimate Guide to Second Year

Your ultimate mini-guide as to how second year is different from being a Fresher…

Reflecting upon Second Year

My second year of uni was definitely an emotional rollercoaster.

A Guide to House Sharing in Second Year

From paying your own bills, hoovering and *wait for it* taking out your own bins *gasps*, moving into a new house in your second year is going to be a big change from your first year in halls. Everything has a cost. TV, wifi, water, gas you name it, you have to pay for it.
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How To Bridge The Gap Between First and Se...

As with the gap between any level of education – GCSEs to A-Levels, A-Levels to university -the bridge from first year to second year of uni can be difficult to navigate. While it is definitely an attitude you shouldn’t have, a lot of people develop the attitude of “oh it’s okay we only need 40% to
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My Experience Of Being A Fresher (In Secon...

It’s understandable that the jump from school to university can be very daunting for many. But, personally, I found it much more terrifying when I transferred universities than I had done starting in first year at my previous university. This was due to the fact I’m quite a shy, self-conscious person, which therefore meant that
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My first year at university

Looking back at my first year of university, the first thing that strikes me is how quickly time has flown by. I’m now on my summer break and I can’t believe that I’ve already made it through a whole academic year. This year has not only been one of the most difficult ones in my life but
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My First Year at Newcastle – Reflect...

When I chose Newcastle University as my first choice on UCAS, I couldn’t have been more excited and that feeling didn’t go away, and still hasn’t. I’m now coming to the end of my second year in Newcastle and I wouldn’t change my choice for the world, but that doesn’t mean that when I arrived
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