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The Infamous Ricky Road

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“Choosing where to live in first year is important”… well obviously! How many times have you heard that? Parents, friends, universities, teachers; they all seem to think they have the answers as to where you should live. Realistically however, it’s your choice and yours alone. This is a quick guide to the social hub that is Ricky Road.

Social Scene

There really is no getting away from it. Richardson Road is the party accommodation. If you don’t think you can handle noise, music and a scene that suggests there’s a year round festival, then this probably isn’t the accommodation for you. There is always something going on here and it is one of the easiest places to make friends. Freshers particularly is a time of unbelievable partying. Of course every university and every accommodation will claim they’re the best, but there can only be one king.


Perfect. That’s what the location is. Only 10 minutes from the centre of Uni, an extra 5 into town which is great for getting around. No need for taxis, buses or the Metro like some other halls. It is also only 5 minutes away from Castle Leazes, another social accommodation, one of the draws of this is the bar which shows live sports. Additionally, the library is only 10 minutes away. Or if you want to blow off some steam the gym and sports facilities are literally just across the road.

Home Comforts

It might not have TV’s in every room and an en suite, but honestly you don’t need those things. There is always something happening in a flat, a block or even outside on the lawns. Why would you ever want to sit inside and watch TV when there’s a summer party on the grass?! Ricky is of course not a luxurious palace. In fact you’ll probably wince when you first see it, but ask anyone whose lived there and they’ll tell you about its derelict charm and legendary status as an unbelievable place to spend your first year.  With so many other students around you’ll settle in in seconds.

Make a great choice and pick Ricky!

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