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Insider Guide to MACSoc

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MACSoc – The Media and Culture Society – is the University approved club that allows students from the same subject to support each other in different ways. Let me tell you something about the society that only an insider would know.

  1. They organise field trips every year

    Unlike some other degrees, this course does not have any compulsory field trips. However,  MACSoc decided to take up the responsibility and organise trips in Europe. Last year, twenty members went to Poland and visited a radio station. MACSoc also recently organised a local field trip to the BBC station in Newcastle and we got to see the radio and TV production studio. I am sure there are more to come!

  2. Socials

    What’s better than socialising with the people from your course?

  3. Media Ball

    The annual formal is hosted by MACSoc and is for students and lecturers from Media and Communication programmes. It is also the best way to celebrate the end of semester. A great excuse to click on your favourite online shopping websites and look for an unique dress or suit!

  1. Essay Uncertainties

    MACSoc have a closed Facebook group where members can ask about anything, including academic support. People often ask for advice around essays and other work and get instant replies from course-mates. (As we media students are constantly on Facebook, haha!)

If you want to know more about the Media and Culture Society have a look the official MACSoc website.

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