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How to be more INSPIRED this New Year!

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Motivation loss over the Christmas and New Year holidays is a side effect of the end of the year. Come January, fishing out the motivation for those forgotten life and academic skills can feel like a storm in a teacup.

There are, however, a few tricks to bring out the sunshine and achieve the highest attainment possible when working on these responsibilities…



Want to start the year academically fresh? Organisation is key.
Not many students have the privilege to be naturally organised. So, here are a few tips to inspire you to do more work by improving your efficiency:

  • De-clutter your work/kitchen/wardrobe space and organise it in a way that works for you, i.e. throw out useless things and keep only what you need
  • Buy an Organiser/Diary/Calendar to note down important dates and deadlines, and make a habit to check it daily (digital organisers work too!)
  • Use a To-Do List
  • Buy files for your lecture notes
  • Reward yourself for being organised!



There is no doubt that eating good foods makes you feel good, ‘You are what you eat’ after all.          

  • Give your current diet a once-over and bring your awareness to the kinds of foods you’re starting your year off with

The daily stress of Uni work can sometimes make you forget to eat three balanced meals a day, which in turn can later lead to unhealthy habits, over-consumption and weight gain.

  • Aim to cut out sugary and salty foods
  • Make sure you eat enough fruits, vegetables and whole-grains



A weekly release of endorphins, makes anyone feel, and look better

Research has shown a direct correlation between exercise and success. The hormones released when you work out can increase work performance, happiness, time management and mental sharpness! What’s more motivating than feeling amazing?

The Newcastle University Sports Centre offers great January memberships deals ranging from Silver to Gold. 

Other good gym choices with student discounts and January deals are: The Gym, PureGym.



Whether it’s listening or playing music, strolling along the Quayside, having a milkshake at the Great British Cupcakery, reading in Waterstones or a cheeky shopping trip to the Metrocentre… remember to regularly do what makes you happy, as this is likely to be your main source of inspiration! 

Learning to self-motivate and inspire yourself during stressful times is one of the greatest learning outcomes of being a University Student. Remember – You Can Do It!


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