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Introductions and Icebreakers

A Picture of Jasmine

So here we are at the close of summer with our crisp, clean notebooks and our new pens at the ready to write our next chapter. Hot-dog legs and cocktails seem but a thousand dreams ago, and things just got very real because this week was my first week of lectures and seminars.

I left my first Creative Writing seminar on Monday feeling particularly inspired. We began the seminar with ‘an introduction with a twist’ – don’t expect creative writing lecturers to be conventional, frankly, it would probably offend them – the ‘twist’ being that we had to give three pieces of information about ourselves and one of which had to be false. The other members of the group then have to guess which the lie is. Mine were as follows:

  • I have written a diary since I was seven years old
  • I have a shih tzu called Falkor (named after the luck dragon from Michael Eride’s The Never Ending Story)
  • I am vegan

Guessed the lie?

Well, I am both vegan and a compulsive memory hoarder, leaving the dog claim as the falsehood. Not entirely though, I do have a shih tzu and I wish I’d had the imagination to name him Falkor when we got him. Meet Shilo everyone:

shi zhu




Well, I see the resemblance.

I would recommend coming prepared for such cheesy icebreakers, you’ll be participating in many during the first couple of weeks. The trick in two truths and a lie is to name two very unconvincing, outlandish truths so your lie won’t be detected – be as creative and crazy as you can!

Introducing yourself to a room full of your peers may at first seem unnerving, but after being asked to do so three or four times it quickly becomes normal, if not a little tedious!

The PARTNERS Assessed Summer School was undoubtedly valuable in helping me to challenge and overcome anxieties around introductions and icebreakers; as was Newcastle’s Bitesize Uni, a summer school I was offered in my first year of sixth form. If given the opportunity to take part in either of these schemes, it will be one you seize with no regrets and remember only fondly – I promise!

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