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Last Minute Revision

Whether it was planned or not, we all find ourselves doing last-minute revision at some point in our education career. But is it a viable revision tactic? We break it down in to pros and cons to work out what you can expect from all that cramming.


  • Sometimes the pressure of limited time can be the boot in the backside you need to just get down and absorb some knowledge. If you’re the type of person that works well under pressure, squeezing down your days may just force yourself into productivity and kick-start the tunnel vision!
  • Last minute revision is better than no revision! Having an intense session in the run up to your exam could just mean you cover something that comes up, AND it’ll be fresh in your memory!


  • Spending the night before an exam buried deep into your notes might not be the wisest of options. You could end up stressing yourself out and fuel a pre-exam meltdown (and nobody wants one of those!) It’s also super important to get a decent night’s sleep before the big day to ensure your concentration levels are high for producing quality work.
  • Banking on the final hours before an exam could also mean you don’t get the time needed to cover everything you intended. Receiving the unwanted surprise of 5 topics you completely forgot to look at the night before isn’t good for anyone’s stress levels!

So whether you work well under pressure or not, planning out your revision way in advance at least gives you the option of working last minute! PLUS, leaving yourself plenty of time provides the opportunity to do lots of fun stuff in-between revision!

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