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Life Admin – Organising yourself at Uni

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The move from A-level to degree is scary, both in terms of academic advances and real-life responsibilities. This is why we’ve got to team up and share the tips on how to manage your new found independence and keep on top of the seminar prep pile. So, here’s five ways to beat the night-before-blues and pre-prep-panic.

1. Purchase a planner

Keeping tabs on important dates and info is a thousand times easier when  it’s all in one place. Seriously, this one hits close to home, thinking about the pile of scruffy A4 sheets shoved in the bottom of my bag makes me sweat. I’ve recently bought myself a sturdy journal from Paperchase and I highly recommend.

2. It’s 2015

Being tech savvy is pretty much a requirement when attending Uni. Blackboard will become your new best friend and ReCap will save your life. Luckily, Newcastle Uni have hopped onto the tech train and you can download your timetable to your smartphone. Definitely the best move I’ve ever made, your phone can even alert you an hour before the lecture so no excuses for being a no show.

3. Tidy desk, tidy mind

A clean workspace can make even the most Netflix-ridden student motivated, I swear. Although, it is definitely difficult to fix-up those files it’ll be worth it in the end and will instantly give you a second wind – a handy tip for days when you want to productively procrastinate.

4. Note as you go

Taking notes in lectures isn’t for everyone and this tip title may sound misleading. If you’re someone who isn’t up for multi-tasking in lectures then making sure you re-visit them ASAP will do you a world of favours and you’ll thank your past self when exam season hits hard.

5. Group chat ’til you can’t no more

Making a group message for yourself and course friends will be one of the best things you do. Chances are, if you don’t understand something, someone else will and the info you need is literally at the tip of your fingers. It’s also a great way to moan about workload and 9am classes with a mutually understanding group. Do it.

Just a quick disclaimer – I am in no way saying that I am particularly organised but these few little tips are definitely doable and realistic. Life admin doesn’t have to be boring, I promise.

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