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Life is a balancing act

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At GCSE, you tell yourself A level will be easier, you will only have three subjects to focus on rather than eleven. At A levels, you tell yourself that at university it will be easier-you will only have one subject to focus on. At University, you realise you’ve been lying to yourself for four years. The reality is that balancing, multi-tasking and just general business are a part of growing up. A thought which is terrifying not only because it means admitting I am growing up and that the world of adulthood is raising it’s frightening head, but because it leaves us all with the question-how can I do it all? With deadlines, socials, extra-curricular and part time work, student life can all become a bit too much at times. But never fear, here are some handy hints and tips to remember which will help deal with the busyness which will hopefully mean balancing becomes a lot easier.

Planning, Preparation and Punctuality

I believe the key to success with balancing all your different socials and deadlines is to plan. If you know you have a particularly busy week then be prepared and do more of your work in the weeks running up to it, so you can be punctual with all your deadlines.

Sorry for the obviously English student-i-ness of my first tip, I probably put way too much time into the alliteration. Anyway, you see my point. Obviously, things can go wrong but give yourself time so you are not stressed in the Robinson Library at 2am wondering why you have given yourself 1,000 words to write in twenty four hours. The earlier you start on an essay or assignment, the sooner you can stop worrying about it and you can fit all your fun socialising into your life.

Make lists, get a diary and write everything down

Writing things down will make dealing with your busy schedule a whole lot easier. Firstly, it will help you remember what is going on and when. Secondly, it will make you feel calmer. In your mind, the list of things you have to do might seem infinite but once it is on paper you will realise the list does have an end. It’s also a good motivational tool. You will feel so much better after having ticked a few things off your list rather than completing them without giving yourself credit for having completed the work.

It is ok to say no

We have all been guilty of taking too much on, and it is a particular problem for university students. There are so many societies with so much to do, why wouldn’t you want to say yes to everything? But the reality is, we all have time restrictions and we all need time to lie in bed and chill once in a while. No one is going to judge you for taking a break for a week to focus on something else, or coming back to a society when you have more time. Note to self.

I hope you enjoyed my handy tricks. Share this article with a tip of your own, if you have any new ideas to add. It will be a great way to help each other out with deadlines approaching!

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