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If life in Halls was an episode of Friends

A Picture of Robina

The one where somebody’s parents visit

All hands on deck! When you’re in this situation everybody is needed to help tidy up the kitchen and living area. Getting rid of pizza boxes, hoovering and doing the dishes. All are essential in tricking parents into thinking you are tidy students and never live like slobs.

The one where the fire alarm goes off for the first time and you don’t know what to do

This one says it all. Don’t be surprised if the fire alarm goes off at 1am in the morning, or whilst you’re showering. When it happens several times a week you’ll soon learn that some people just cannot make toast. Keep calm and follow everybody else out.

The one where there’s a fall out

This could be awkward, but only if you make it so. With so many people living together there is bound to be a clash of personalities at some point. So if two of your flatmates have declared war with each other its time to stay out of the way and leave them to get over it themselves. To avoid petty squabbles avoid gossiping at all costs and if you have an issue with somebody TELL THEM.

The one where the fridge starts smelling like a corpse

DO NOT IGNORE THIS SMELL. At one point it is bound to happen. Somebody goes home for a few days and leaves food in the fridge. So get your detective mode on, your rubber gloves and find that mouldy macaroni before it starts growing legs!

The one where you order desserts at midnight and watch movies ’til morning

Lazy days are the best days. It’s the simple things like bonding over chocolate cake at 2am with your flatmates which you will always look back at, and smile.

The one where you decide where you’re going to live next year

Sadly you’re not going to live in halls forever. It can seem daunting at first but don’t panic when people begin signing for houses in November. Thankfully Newcastle has no shortage of student houses, so take your time and make your decision wisely about who you don’t mind spending another year with.

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