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Living At Home

Written by History and Politics Graduate Ambassador, Stephanie!

Being a ‘home’ student

In my first year of university I decided to stay living at home, rather than moving into university accommodation. As a result, one of my biggest apprehensions when starting university was whether I would make as many friends as I would have if I had moved out. My advice to fresher’s staying at home is to not panic! Make sure you get involved in as much as you can and you’ll still have a fantastic university experience.

Before starting university

The week before Freshers’ Week there were a lot of events organised by the university specifically for local students and early arrivals, such a pub quizzes. Don’t feel nervous attending these on your own – everyone is in exactly the same boat! Plus, the people you meet at these events you can go to the fresher’s events with in the following week.


Once you’re there

Freshers’ Week is a fantastic way to make as many friends as possible. Go with the people you met at the events the week before and make some new friends. There are loads of activities to get involved with during the day, but you don’t have to miss out on the night times either. The University provide a free bus service which will take you straight to your door after a night out!


Make sure you attend freshers’ fair. This is where all of the societies have their own stall and try to get you to sign up. You can sign up to an unlimited number of societies, so they’re a great way to meet new like-minded people.

Sports and Socities Fair Freshers 2014

Staying at home whilst in your first year isn’t anything to be worried about. You’ll still be able to have a great university experience just with home comforts!

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