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Living in Turner Court

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Probably one of the most important things when coming to University, besides choosing your degree, is choosing where you will be living.

When you’ve been accepted to study at Newcastle you then go on to choose accommodation options where you choose halls of residence, catering options and the type of room you want.

I didn’t actually receive any of my chosen accommodation options, in fact I didn’t even know Turner Court was a halls of residence. I was initially really upset about not receiving any of my chosen options, however, if I had known what I know now, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The Location


Turner Court is located in Portland Green Student Village near the Ouseburn Valley area of the city, the other side of the central motorway from campus.


Initially this sounded like a trek to walk into Uni, but I can guarantee it really isn’t! It is roughly a 15-20 minute walk to the main campus, however if you do Law or Politics, like me, the buildings are around a 10-15 minute walk away, right next to the Philip Robinson Library. So, even though it seems out of the way, it really is so convenient to get around the city.


There is a bus stop a 5 minute walk up the road where you can catch the main bus into town but I have never needed to do so, in fact it is still probably quicker walking!


Ouseburn itself is a really trendy area of the city. There are pubs, restaurants, coffee shops and there are always different events going on within the valley, all within a short walk!

The Halls

Turner Court itself is one of currently 5 halls which makes up the student village, meaning it is one of the biggest student areas in the city.


The rooms are all en-suite and are lovely and modern, without the added price tag of other managed partnership halls! In terms of the social scene, it may not have the booming social reputation of other halls, however it is as sociable as you make it. I have made my best friends living in Turner Court and there is always a social event happening in one flat or another.


There is also a games room within the building and the ‘Social at Six’ space in Bryson Court (where the main reception is for the Student Village) where there are games consoles, pool tables and there are always events put on by Portland Green throughout the week. For example, there have been exercise classes, quiz nights and even pizza nights (with the opportunity of free Domino’s pizza!). Who could turn that down?!

As you soon come to learn, one of the best things about living in Turner Court is having the Tesco Express (and Subway!) right beneath the building. It becomes a blessing on those mornings when you’ve ran out of milk!


Overall, I have loved my first year here and I would strongly recommend choosing Turner Court as an accommodation option. Hopefully one day you’ll be living in Turner Court too!


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