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Why I love being a Geography Student

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Despite all the stigma and jokes attached to Geographers which claim all we do is “sit around colouring all day” I wouldn’t change my degree for the world! Here are my favourite things about being a Human Geography undergrad.

Few Contact Hours

Yes so the jokes aren’t all made up. As a Geography student I do have very few contact hours especially compared to my Medic and Chemist friends… On average you’ll have a very modest 4-8 hours a week which is great!

With all this free time you have plenty of time to explore lovey Newcastle.

You get answers

I’d argue (but then again I’m bias) that Human Geography is the most interesting, mind opening, informative and up to date subject you can take. Period.

From why foreign policy is failing, how to alleviate poverty and why conflicts are going on around the world, geography gives you the answers to these and more.

And not only do you get answers, but lecturers train you to challenge dominant mainstream ideas of how the world and society function.

You get to travel

In your second year a whole module is dedicated to doing fieldwork overseas. Yes, that’s right travelling the world is a part of the degree!

During Easter I was lucky enough to visit Hong Kong for a week conducting my own research around what it means to be a citizen following the recent political protests and occupy movement.

The selection of places you can visit at Newcastle Uni is incomparable to other geography departments in the UK. This year the choices were Hong Kong, Barcelona, Berlin, Ireland, Copenhagen, Borneo and South West USA/Las Vegas.

The chance to become a researcher for a week or so, with your course mates, whilst exploring a foreign city was an amazing experience. You won’t get this type of opportunity elsewhere!

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