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A lovely lazy day

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Students are often generalised as treating themselves to far too many lazy days. However, this generalisation is not necessarily true. Between an active social life, deadlines and with exam season looming –these lazy days are far too infrequent.  This busy life is great and one of the best aspects of being a student, there is always something to do and you aren’t bored, but sometimes this business can become overwhelming. Lazy days are important because they provide you with much needed “you” time and are the perfect way to combat stress.  I have come up with five tips to help you fully appreciate and enjoy a guilt free lazy day so that you can come back to fully enjoy university life once more.


  1. Invest in a good set of pyjamas

The most important item for a successful lazy day. Ideally, these are the clothes you wear for the full twenty four hours so even the basic effort of deciding what to wear is removed from the day. Everyone has a favourite pair of pyjamas and I would highly recommend you wear those on this occasion.

  1. Eat/make cookies

This decision very much depends upon the level of laziness you want to achieve. Baking is incredibly relaxing and uses a different part of the brain to the one you usually use when typing words for an essay or crunching numbers for a difficult equation. However, sometimes even that can seem too much when all you want to do is nothing and lets face it shop bought sweet treats taste just as good.  The real message of this point is that whatever diet you are following, whatever calories you are counting and whatever foods you have considered sinful since your New Year’s resolution – today is the day to ignore all that and just enjoy some kind of chocolatey goodness without feeling guilty, because you deserve it.

  1. Binge watch your favourite TV show

Who says the entire season 4 of Game of Thrones can’t be watched in a day? Challenge accepted.

  1. Pamper yourself

Wilkinson does really cheap face masks which would be perfect for this kind of occasion. I have only used them previously at sleepovers I had when I was thirteen but a lazy day would be the perfect opportunity to recreate those memories with some of your university friends and laugh at each other for their choice of face mask.

  1. Read a book that isn’t on your set reading list

I can’t remember the last time I read a book that was not for my degree. Reading just for the sake of reading is incredibly relaxing and it is fun to take part in escapism now and again.

Hope all these tips help ensure you have the perfect lazy day!

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