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Lunch Between Lectures – The Top Five

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It’s a well-documented fact that every student will make one resolution; to stop eating out. We all do it – we promise ourselves we’ll get up early and make a sandwich/cook some pasta; leave our cards at home so we don’t succumb to Greggs (etc.). Well, another fact of uni life is that you’ll never keep that resolution. Or not 100%, anyway. Accept it and move on, guys – the odd lunch out between lectures isn’t a bad thing. Here are my five top places (in no particular order):

  1. Quilliam Brothers (or Quilliams, to most) is a tea room just around the corner from the SU and a must-visit for every Newcastle University student. Although their tea (60 blends and counting) takes centre stage, these guys know their food too. Be it for a late breakfast, a quick snack, or an indulgent meal, their excellent food menu will give you amazing quality for a student-friendly price.
  2. The Hancock is a pub situated next to the Robinson Library – a staple of many a society’s socials, it’s also a great place for cheap and cheerful pub food  – at £6.50 for two classic meals, can you afford not to?
  3. The Fat Hippo Underground is a brilliant burger joint a little further afield – if you have the time to venture down to Shakespeare Street, do it. And with their lunchtime deals (12-3pm Tuesday-Friday), it’s possible to get a piece of greasy goodness (and chips!) for just £5.
  4. There are days (and you’ll know them) when you crave comfort food. Filling fare with no thought to calories. The Goose is your friend on these days. Why, you ask? Five words: Carvery For Under A Fiver.
  5. Nudo is a sushi place on Northumberland Street, so if you fancy a healthy alternative, trying something new and adding just a touch of sophistication, it’s well worth a try.#


So, there you have it. Bon Appetit!

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