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How to make your time at uni productive

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Blink and you miss it – we’re halfway through an academic year already and that just means one less semester before uni comes to an end. I don’t know about you but it scares me how quickly time flies when it feels like we barely entered our adult lives. Being in uni should be one the most memorable and best times of our lives; we’ve got all the freedom in the world and we get to be adults without actually being one; best of both worlds!

But, it’s also the pivoting point where we prep for what lies beyond our academic lives. There’s so much to do to make our remaining time here at uni both productive and remarkable – it’s all about the balance, who ever said uni was all about work anyway?

Here are some ways you can make your days at uni fruitful:

Work Part-Time

Needless to say, getting some extra income to spend is not too bad at all. Working while at uni boosts your CV like no other because it’s all about the real-world and employers love to see what a champ you are at multi-tasking and gaining skills that don’t come from books. I know getting a job can be a pain in itself, but our uni offers some great opportunities to get paid while working around campus. Keep an eye out for JobsOC, Student Ambassador and Student Mentor applications opening at the beginning of every semester.

Join a Society or Club

Extra-curricular activities top the list on distressing after a long uni day and with the vast variety of societies and clubs we’ve got to pick from, there’s something for everyone. This is also a great way to meet friends from all schools and even learn a new skill without paying the steep price if you were to do it privately.


Helping someone else in need will never go out of style so why not spend some time making someone else’s day. Our Careers Service site has heaps of advice and volunteering opportunities around the North East or on campus itself.

Work Experience or Placement

If you’ve got spare time and want to add to your CV while making contacts in the industry, NWE is a great programme for you. It allows students to do a 100-hour internship during term-time or semester break and earn £700 to show for it as well. And fret not; our Careers Service offers a variety of job listings for every field.

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