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Making the most of your summer

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You have survived the exam period. Congratulations. Breathe out. De-stress. Reward yourself.

But as much as the freedom from lectures, essays and Robbo is overwhelming and exciting, make this summer count.

You can enhance your CV, get hands-on experience and still have time to watch the new season of Game of Thrones (it was released on the July 16th, if you forgot).


Your graduation is approaching faster than you think, and then it will be time for all the job hunts and recruitment nightmares. And as you know, getting a job when you don’t have experience is a bloody hard thing to do.

There are scores of short-term summer positions for students in most sectors, both paid and unpaid. A lot of them are advertised on Newcastle University Careers Service website, and some companies favour speculative applications when it comes to internships.

Remember, by sacrificing your summer freedom you’ll be able to stand out from your peers in the future and land that elusive dream job.


If taking an unpaid work is not an option for you, get any casual job you can. Working as a shop assistant or a bartender will help you develop communication skills and serve as a new addition to your CV. And you’ll be able to pay for your nights out.


Go to the gym
Those chicken nuggets and Dominos pizzas you’ve been sharing with your flatmates have to be replaced by seasonal vegs and steamed chicken.

It hurts, but you don’t have I-am-so-stressed-about-exams excuses anymore, and it’s time to use your gym membership finally. Or is it just me who has been paying very infrequent visits to the gym for the past few months?

You can also catch a summer breeze and start running. Imagine how fit and healthy you could be by autumn?

There is so much more you could do this summer, but don’t overdo it. At the end of the day, you want to come back to the uni fresh and rested, dying to study again.

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