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Why Masters: 5 Reasons I applied for Postgraduate Study

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Graduation is just around the corner, and it’s hit that time of year where all my friends are essentially having nervous breakdowns concerning their future. Should I go into full time employment? Should I go travelling for a year? Should I do a Masters? These questions are at the centre of everyday conversations. Luckily for me, I got my act together pretty early and applied for an MA in International Politics, and I couldn’t be happier with the decision I’ve made – so I’m here to tell you why! I’m not saying a Master’s degree is for everyone, but I believe it’s the right choice for me. So if you’re considering postgraduate study, here are the reasons behind my choice to help you answer your questions:

Personal Growth:

I’m definitely a lifelong learner. I’m not willing to accept that my education is coming to an end this June – I feel like there is so much more to learn! I understand that by now, many of you may be sick and tired of education, but for me, I am genuinely excited by the prospect of learning for another year.

Greater employment opportunities:

This is an obvious one. Graduates with a MA qualification usually have higher chances of obtaining and holding higher-level employment positions. Whilst holding a MA degree is not a guarantee of ultimate success, it will certainly open up many more doors for me in the future.

I have time on my side:

I’m only 21, with nothing holding me back; time is all I have right now. I’m not married, don’t have a family of my own, and I’m not in full time employment – so why wouldn’t I do a Masters? Time won’t be on my side forever, so I don’t see any harm in completing postgraduate study whilst I can.

I love University:

I’m constantly told ‘don’t wish away your university years’, the ‘real world sucks’, and the classic ‘growing up was a trap’. Looking back, I was never one of those kids who didn’t want to go to school. I loved everything about school, and the same goes for university. Of course, university is expensive, hard work and stressful, but it is also extremely short. Three years flies past quicker than you can say ‘undergraduate’. In all honesty, I don’t want to leave university and be thrown out into the big bad world at only 21. So the opportunity to spend one more year at Newcastle, living the student dream, sold it for me!

The chance to learn something new:

I am currently a third year undergraduate Geography student – who decided it would be a good idea to apply for an International Politics MA? Whilst I love Geography (#keeno), I’m really excited for a change in direction. Sometimes it’s safer to stick to what you know best, but I can’t wait for a challenge!

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