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Maths Makes You Stronger

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If I’m being honest, Maths is really the only subject worth studying at University. 

Mathematics is like a fresh snowflake. It’s pure, it’s beautiful and it’s elegant. Maths is needed to build an advanced society. Just look at horses – they haven’t discovered maths, and that’s why they still live in fields. Humans however, who are really good at maths live in buildings. Most other subjects wouldn’t really exist if we hadn’t discovered maths. It’s just so useful!

And it’s not as if it’s really that difficult either. Everything follows a fairly sensible order. As long as you keep up your studies and do assignments, you’ll be fine. A lot of the stuff you’ll do in the first year is stuff that you will already have done at A-level. In fact, since there’s so much repetition, you can probably skip most of your lectures and still pass! But don’t do that (Obviously!)

There’s a lot of variety in the first year (of G100 Mathematics), you’ll do some calculus, differential equations, statistics, number theory, and analysis. All kinds of fun stuff! You’ll also do a little bit of programming for a couple of modules, which is handy if you want to become the next Mark Zuckerberg.

Getting good at maths is a very rewarding experience, and it’s always satisfying to solve a difficult problem that you’ve been working on for a few days. It’s obviously not the most practical subject in the world, but it’s still very useful.

Stay beautiful.

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