Meet the Student bloggers

Our student bloggers are a team of volunteers from a range of different courses and stages of study who write about student life here at Newcastle University. In their own words they bring you a unique and genuine insight in to what it’s really like to study here.

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Newcastle’s Students’ Union: M...

Every University open day and prospectus boasts of a Student Union to rule them all… But what actually is a SU, and why does everyone care so much? Newcastle’s Students’ Union  (NUSU) is an unmistakable red brick building (which perfectly adhere’s to the Russell Group stereotype) at the heart of Newcastle’s campus. It’s the one building
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Where to live in Newcastle

A reasonably affluent area close to the centre of Newcastle, where many students choose to live in second and third year, Jesmond is a stone’s throw from Uni and it has a fine history. Not only did Ludwig Wittgenstein live here, but also, more importantly,  Sting and Bryan Ferry did too . . .  and legend
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5 things to think about before starting un...

  It may seem like a lifetime away, but it is important to be prepared for uni in every way you can! Here is a list of 5 things to start thinking about as September starts to creep up on you. 1 . Accommodation Have you looked at all the accommodation choices that are available?
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Top Tips for Assignment Success

Writing challenging assignments and meeting deadlines can be really daunting. Staring at a blank page can make you feel defeatist, as I am sure many students can appreciate. It can feel like a never-ending task, so here are my tips to tackling assignments in a sensible and healthy way in order to get the results
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Best Reading Spots on Campus

Trying to finish reading the chapter before your seminar tomorrow and your flatmates aren’t letting you crack on?How about escaping your friends and taking your readings to campus? The uni campus offers you a variety of nice spots, indoors and outdoors,  where you can surround yourself with your textbooks, 30-page long academic papers in size 10
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How to get into student media: part I

The glamorous world of journalism: exclusive interviews, flashing cameras and the thrill of getting published. But how to get there and where to start? Whether you aspire to be a professional reporter or just enjoy scribbling in your spare time, university is the best place to begin your career. There are plenty of opportunities to
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