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Mid-Semester Survival Guide

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The excitement of freshers’ week has finally worn off, it’s all cold and dark outside, but there’s still a lot of work to do before we can get all festive for Christmas. Semesters can seem long and difficult, particularly when you’re right in the middle of it, but there are a few things you can do to take care of yourself, stay organised and keep up the fun side of uni:

Make a to-do list

   It sounds simple, but get your thoughts organised and everything else will follow. It helps to be able to see everything you have to do and it feels great when you tick things off and your list becomes shorter and shorter. You can even reward yourself every time you accomplish something on your list – think chocolate or Netflix!

Do some Christmas shopping

   You’ve been working hard, so it’s time give yourself a break. Not only that, but you will be grateful for being so organised and getting a head-start on all the fun present-buying! Take a friend or go on your own– either way it’s good to get ahead of the Christmas rush and spend a few hours away from uni stuff.

Cook a special meal

   You’re really busy with work, lectures, socialising and sleeping. No one has time to cook fancy meals, right? Wrong. It’s important to keep yourself happy and healthy by eating all the right foods as well as having a little bit of time to yourself. Spend an evening cooking something different and make sure you get plenty of fresh vegetables.

Try something new

   If you’re feeling like your routine needs a bit of excitement, why not try a new sport, society or even a new café or pub? There are loads of things to do in Newcastle so you’re spoilt for choice when you do get some ‘me-time’. You never know what you might discover and it’s an excellent way to make new friends.

Catch up on sleep

   Catching up on sleep and relaxation time can be just as important to your productivity as spending hours in the library, so don’t feel to bad if you occasionally find yourself curled up with a hot chocolate and a pile of films. Of course you have to actually get up and do work at some point, but sometimes bed just wins!

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