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Student Room May Roundup

It’s been a busy month on The Student Room, with a number of you posting your questions on a range of matters throughout May. From course queries to gaming needs, we really do see it all on our feed so be sure to check it out. Below are just the most common queries we’ve been sent over the past 4 weeks:


When does the university plan to send out the first accommodation offers. I am holding a firm unconditional place.

Many of you are keen to know when you’ll find out about your accommodation now you’ve applied. If you’ve secured an unconditional place with the University, your accommodation offer is likely to go out from the end of June – August. More information about room allocation dates under different circumstances can be found here.

Hi! Regarding accommodation, I am aware that some halls are mixed gender while other are single gender. I was wondering specifically which accommodation buildings are mixed and which are single? I have looked at the information on the Newcastle University website and there seems to be no indication as to how to halls will be laid out in terms of gender allocation.
All of our accommodation sites offer a mixture of both mixed-gender and single-sex flats. As there is currently more of a demand for mixed-gender residences, there are more flats set up to cater for such requirements. The only site which differs is Castle Leazes (washbasin) as each corridor has communal bathrooms, meaning each floor is set up as single-gender.

Hi! Just out of interest, is there any way of giving a likelihood of receiving my first choice of accommodation Park Terrace, or if there are any stats from previous years maybe? Is it  over-prescribed? It looks so good and I have my heart set on it, so I'd be so dissapointed if I didn't  get a room there (Assuming I get the grades to get into Newcastle Uni in the first place!) Thanks for the help :)Naturally, a lot of you may be concerned that you might not get your first choice accommodation, but not to worry; the Accommodation Service is committed to allocating rooms as fairly as possible. To achieve this they use a “lottery” system and rooms are released in batches over the course of several months. This means that all students who apply before the deadline have an equal chance of receiving their preferred choice of room. There’s more info about room allocation here. If however you do not get your first choice, all residents have the opportunity to transfer or swap between different types of accommodation depending on suitability and availability of rooms. This is facilitated by the Accommodation Service and updated information will be available later this year.


How oversubscribed is History? Do I stand a chance to get in if I don't meet AAA? Hi, I have an offer of BBB, would I still be accepted if I get ABC? ThanksThis is something we see a lot on The Student Room. Dropping a grade doesn’t mean your offer is automatically withdrawn; all applicants who narrowly miss the conditions of their offer are reconsidered again together when the results are published in August. Whether we are able to accept near miss students depends on the number of applicants who have met the conditions of their offers and the number of places we have available on our programmes; however preference is given to those who have committed to us as their firm choice.


Hi! I was just wondering... I haven't had either a rejection or an offer from the university on my UCAS yet, but is there any sort of campus tour I can book onto, or just arrange for a look around the university? I can't make the next Open Days in June but would love to look around the university in the case that I am offered a place with you (I am a late applicant by the way!) Thanks

If you can’t make one of our Open Days, there are plenty of other ways you can see our campus. We run campus tours between May and November. You can find out more information and see the dates that tours are running here. Alternatively, as we have an open-campus, if you’re in town and fancy a stroll around, you can do so! Check out our campus map to help you navigate yourself around!

If you’ve got a question that hasn’t been answered above, why not pop us a line on The Student Room… or send us a question using the pink button below.

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