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Moving away from home

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That time of your life is almost here – leaving everything you know behind to take on the world.

While needless to say that going to uni is the biggest step into adulthood for many of us, not until we are on our own do we realise everything we had taken from granted while being at home. After all, you don’t know what’s good ’til it’s gone. But, however much we wished we could be under our parents’ shelter for the rest of our lives, growing up and leaving the nest is inevitable. With this new found independence, there’s so much to do to pave your path into the intimidating, yet amazing world out there and there are more benefits to moving away from home than you’d think!

Here are some of the perks of leaving your comfort zone and starting your life anew as a uni student:

First-class in being organised

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It’s no longer just worrying about handling submissions or exams anymore; the list has gotten longer with household chores, food shopping and also squeezing in some social time. But with practice, you’ll become a pro at handling responsibilities and being organised with your personal schedule in no time!

Whizz at life hacks

If there’s an easier way to get something done, who’s going to say no – right? While preparing your meals or doing laundry, you start to not only become efficient in getting these chores done but also figure out some great life hacks: like the endless ways I’ve found out that baking soda can be used, and easily peeling the skin of garlic bulbs by just shaking them in a tub!

Discovering yourself

With all that extra time on your hands outside of uni, you can immerse yourself in activities that you haven’t got around to do but have always been at the back of your head. Be it simply starting on a new book, picking up running or volunteering.

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