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So much to do in semester two as a medic

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Hello again people! Time for a quick catch up. It feels like this year is flying past, but I’m definitely glad it’s the holidays after what felt like our most difficult semester yet. Here’s a whistle-stop tour of what us second year medics have been up to on our course.

After January exams finished, we had one week of lecture-free bliss to relax/go out loads/lie in bed all day/watch all the movies/[insert chosen method of spending free time]. Then, back to reality… On the agenda for this semester are pathology, virology, immunology and microbiology (wow that’s a lot of -ologies), a bit about ageing, plus a lot about different drugs. As usual, we had some clinical skills teaching, which adds a bit of variety. Nothing cheers you up after a long day of lectures quite like performing breast examinations on your friends wearing an over-sized pair of fake boobs..!

Our Patient Study deadline was also fast approaching. We were all assigned patients with different chronic illnesses last October. Over the year, we made home visits in groups of two or three to our study patients, asking questions to explore what living with their condition is like. My group’s patient was wonderfully helpful, and it was quite fascinating to hear his story. The actual assignment was a 4000 word report, which sounds like a lot but isn’t too bad, unless you only leave yourself a week to write the whole thing… not that I would know… *ahem*.

Thankfully, I have an amazing housemate who randomly bakes random cakes to keep herself, and the rest of us, sane.

“why?” “because dragon cake”

One month after that was the deadline for the SSC (student selected component), another 4000 word assignment. It is what it says – we got to choose basically whatever topic we wanted, as long as there were enough research papers about it. Mine was about using exercise in the treatment of depression, which I found really interesting. We had to write about the existing research, then propose our own research question about the topic.

Many cups of tea and coffee were consumed in the writing of these assignments. Like, so many!

On a brighter note, there was Metroline to look forward to. Once a year, Newcastle medics embark on a city-wide pub crawl via our good old Metro system. We aim to raise money for charity as we go, this year for St Oswald’s Hospice. It’s always good fun, even when the Metro decides to break down and leave us stranded… Also, scrubs are seriously pyjama-level comfy. If only it was socially acceptable to wear them all the time!


So that was a quick look at my fun-filled (haha) past two months! Hope everyone has a great Easter, and see you next time. 😀

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