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Must know: Culture guide for International Students

Living away from home and getting used to a whole new environment is tough enough, but factor in that you’re crossing seas to a whole new culture and lifestyle then it completely switches up the definition of ‘change’. Not everyone has the chance to be away from his or her home country to experience university life in a different country, so if you’ve got this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – jump or pounce upon it!

Being an international student comes with plenty of perks (hello flying miles!) and there is also the element known as culture-shock that will definitely keep you entertained.

Here goes my list of new knowledge that Newcastle (and/or England) has bestowed upon me:

Say goodbye to fries

It’s called chips now. “Wait isn’t chips the air-filled bags of thin deep-fried potatoes?” No, those are known as crisps. Trust me, it all gets a lot less confusing.

Wear Nikes to go on a hike

Contrary to what you’ve been taught, its not pronounced “Ni-Key”, say it the same way you would “hike”.

“Hello flower”

 I pride myself of coming from a bustling cosmopolitan city but sometimes it takes a northern touch to know what being welcoming to people actually means. Be prepared to hear lots of affable pet names by the locals that you’ll grow to love.

All hail Primark

High-street lookalike styles with price tags for every student’s budgeted wallets – dream come true. You will grow to love and hate Primark all at the same time.

Pancakes, scotch cakes, crepes

Pancakes are not fluffy, but thin here, they basically look like crepes but aren’t called crepes. So if you go into a café with a huge desire to have American-style pancakes but get served crepes, now you know why.

Chilly days are here to stay

If home is anywhere near the equator, leave all your summer clothes behind unless you’re great at the layering game. Sorry to break it to you, but the chance to bare your arms and legs comes up rarely with the exclusion of being indoors, of course.

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