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My Journey to NCL – Jenny

A Picture of Jenny

It feels like forever that I’ve wanted to become a journalist. Being from Germany, Newcastle wasn’t an obvious first choice but the beautiful campus, the course content and the city made it the perfect place to spend my next three years.

Journalism at Newcastle  


Nothing is more appealing to me than the prospect of writing for the rest of my life. Realising that the UK opens every door to an international journalism career, Newcastle quickly became my preferred university. Not only is it top of the league tables for journalism, but the city has also been named as a top city for growth in digital jobs.

That ‘Click’ Feeling!

All the pictures and videos of the campus, the city and the course made me so excited about the idea of studying in Newcastle.

Before I even came to visit, I knew Newcastle was the place for me. It just clicked! Visiting with my Mum simply reassured me in my decision.

Getting an Offer

Newcastle was not only my favourite university but also the first to offer me a place. There was no doubt that I would be accepting!

Days before coming to Newcastle


A few days before, I was equally excited and nervous about starting a new life in Newcastle.

Moving to another country on my own and not speaking my mother tongue was definitely a scary prospect, but as soon as I arrived I met so many other international students who (of course!) felt exactly the same. The students already at the University (there to help welcome Freshers) were a big help in making the transition far less daunting too, enabling me to feel happy and comfortable in my new home!



I came on my own but registered for the ‘Airport Meet & Greet’, meaning that as soon as I stepped out of the plane, someone was waiting to take me (and my 100 suitcases!) to my student accommodation. Park Terrace was definitely a good choice, I literally live in-between my lecture halls and the library.

I absolutely love the flat and all the people in it! A definite ‘top tip’ from my experience is to make sure you check the Official Offer Holders Facebook Group for your accommodation. My flatmates and I all managed to find each other through Facebook and get to know one another, making the process of moving in even easier!

The First Few Weeks


The first few weeks were packed with emotions and excitement and I loved every second of it. There is no doubt that Newcastle was the perfect choice for me and I can’t wait for the next few years.



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