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My Media Dissertation

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As a media student, dissertation is a compulsory task to complete the degree. The flexibility of media research project is very high, from topic to methods, you are more than welcome to choose according to your interests. I picked my dissertation topic based on the Umbrella Revolution happened in my home country – Hong Kong. It does not only include the media aspect of the issue but as well as the technological and political development. As you can see, there is a huge variety in terms of content and methods on researching, the key to success in accomplishing your dissertation is learning how to manage your time.

Talking about dissertation, one would think it is a huge and impossible task. In fact, it is! But I would say you are not alone in the whole journey, as everyone will be assigned with a personal tutor. Don’t get too excited thought, as they are not helping you writing your dissertation, they will offer you guidance on doing your dissertation in terms of content and structure as well as helping you to manage your time. If you follow and stick to the plan, the huge and impossible task becomes an achievable goal! However, it is inevitable your feel discouraged from time to time. One good thing about having a personal tutor is that you will have mental support in additional to the academic advice. They will try to motivate you and make the plan more flexible as to suit your own timetable, they understand the difficulty as a student, you have your lectures, seminars, essays or even part time jobs. Don’t be afraid to let them know what you are facing because they are not here to judge you but gently help you.

After all, I believe the dissertation is a final task which media students can perform what they have learnt in the past three years like research skills and critical thinking. It is a great accomplishment for every one to be proud of!

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