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Exam season is upon us and students are flocking to campus to really get their heads down for January exams. Having five exams myself, I’ve really benefited from having a really good study space on campus to feel productive. After all there is nothing like being in a room full of hard working students to make you feel as if you should join the herd. Newcastle is full of places to study and I always feel like I’m stumbling across somewhere new and exciting.

Studying at Castle Leazes

Personally I do the majority of my work in my bedroom in halls. During exam time most people spend their time studying in their rooms so it can be a really productive atmosphere. When I have my fairy lights and lamp as well, it is really cosy. Being close to lots of students, especially those on your course, makes it really easy should you need someone to test you or to socialise with between breaks. Having the kitchen just down the hall also makes it very easy to make revision snacks!


“The Robbo” Robinson Library

Unfortunately I find that there are some days where I am not feeling motivated to study it my room – and the Robinson Library is my first port of call when I need to leave my halls to study. Sometimes it is nice to go somewhere and really be focused on work. I find the silent study areas really useful for when I really need to get my head down and cram for an exam; I tend to work well under a bit of pressure! On the other hand the Library can be a really social place if you find working with a friend more your scene, and I’ve had a few times in the library in my friends where we can sit and discuss the work. The café at the library also provides good revision snacks, and lots and lots of coffee to really keep you going!


The Majorie Robinson Library Rooms

When I heard a brand new study space was opening on campus, it was no surprise that I was really intrigued to see what it was like. When it comes to a good study space I am a real geek and the new Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms have it all. Generally it is a lot less busy than the main library as many people have not really discovered it yet, but there is good food, good computer clusters, a good silent study space and a good social study space. It is really quite a modern masterpiece and its brand-newness makes it even better.


Students’ Union

The Students’ Union may not be the first place you think of when it comes to revising, but it really has a wealth of study spaces available. On the top floor there is a nice big study space with computers, sofas and even a Starbucks if you’re a coffee addict like myself. It is a bit more chilled than the library and can be a good place if you want to get down to work without going full force. NUSU Central next door is also a great place with booths for study group sessions, computers and its very own burger bar.



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