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Myth Buster: Studying at Newcastle Uni

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Welcome, welcome. Today I will present you with the Myth Buster : Newcastle University edition. 

Have you ever wondered what studying at Newcastle University feels like? Did you spend your nights listening to your mate who goes to uni in Newcastle, rambling on about their heavy workload, library adventures and the city’s noteworthy lifestyle?

Look no further. Myths are to be busted and truths will be exposed.


1. Sleepless nights and heavy workload

When I first received my offer from Newcastle University I had absolutely no idea what to expect. The uni seemed like a scary version of Hogwarts, which required tons of effort, time and coffee in order to make it through exam period.

Eventually I discovered that although studying in Newcastle University is precisely as demanding as you would expect from a Russell Group University, the Uni and its Students’ Union also offered a variety of ways to relax and release some tension. From free massages to free coffee and playing with puppies, there are tons of fun activities to enjoy that have definitely made my experience a more pleasant one.

Final verdict : Both Myth/Fact.

It also varies depending on course subject. However, I admit, I did spend some all-nighters in my utmost favourite Robinson Library, but hey, at least there were puppies.

2.  Nightlife is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

I am pretty convinced that you have heard this over and over again. Okay, this one is the simple truth. The nightlife in Newcastle is eclectic, to say the least,  with something to suit every taste. The astonishing Quayside has proven a popular meeting point with students since undergoing a redevelopment in recent years, and the city offers a variety of cafes, restaurants and bars, galleries and live music venues to quench your thirst for partying.

Yet, at the same time no one could ever accuse Newcastle of being deprived of culture. The place is a buzzing hive of artistic and cultural experiences to venture into, including the likes of its Chinatown district; the astonishing art deco Tyneside Theatre, as well as the Great North Museum and the Baltic Centre.

Final verdict : Absolute Fact.

3. Zayn Malik goes to uni in Newcastle

You might have heard the rumour that the One Direction hottie attends Newcastle University?

Ah, if only. Sadly, that is nothing but a myth. However, Newcastle University has in fact produced other successful alumni such as Princess Eugenie of York, Rowan Atkinson, and Bryan Ferry.

Final verdict : Myth

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