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Narrowing down your choices – Be firm!

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Open days

For me Open days were not helpful. The hustle and bustle makes the whole experience rushed, and although you may feel as though you’re getting a ‘feel’ of the City, you will never really know what the teaching is like till you attend. Everything looks shiny on an open day.

I wouldn’t worry at all  if you didn’t automatically think to yourself “yes, this is the place for me” looking through brochures or at open days. I will say it once again, in my humble opinion you will never truly feel like you belong at a particular Uni till you actually start attending! The main thing that unites people at uni is just that, the fact that you all attend the same uni.

Narrowing down

Clearing is always an option to consider so I would advise narrowing down your choices by arranging your chosen University’s rank wise,  rather than “feel” wise. Chances are if you’re going to study in a place for 3 years you’re going to end up liking and getting used to the feel of it.

So that is why I would value QUALITY over everything.

Aim high and think about putting the most prestigious and reputable uni – and most likely the one with the highest requirements – first, followed by the second.

If you’re paying £9000 a year in fees, you deserve the teaching to be of the highest standard. That’s why, despite never having visited Newcastle even once before attending (that’s right, my first day moving into halls was my first time stepping foot into The Toon), I put it as my firm choice.

Where it stood on league tables and its research led advantage were enough to convince me. The beautiful Quayside, history and the friendly Geordie accent only came as bonuses!

Be Firm

Take a deep breath and be FIRM (get it?) about your choice. What would you regret more? The opportunity to have had better employment prospects, cutting edge research and a higher standard of teaching? Or better shopping, night life and leisure facilities? To end on a serious note, for me the latter can always be compromised but your education can’t.

If you’ve got a question about studying at Newcastle University just use the big pink button below.

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